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The final touch that your building or your house needs before having it rented or before moving in there is offered by Best Chicago Cleaning Services. Our professional team knows very well how to handle this kind of job, because it's obvious that cleaning a room or an entire building after its construction or remodeling it's a harder job than dusting or polishing a surface. In this type of tasks the cleaners have to be very well prepared, because usually after construction cleaning involves heavy lifting, removal of construction debris or cleaning the extra dirt.

Construction cleaning, either it's about pre construction or post construction cleaning, it's a job that requires a lot of practice, experience and a team who gives extra care to details. When hiring a professional team to do this job, you expect that in the end the place where you have invested so much time and money to look clean and to smell beautiful. Best Chicago Cleaning Services not only that guarantees the cleaning of the interior and exterior of the building, but also guarantees that in a short time you can go back to your business or you can move into your new place.

Construction Cleaning Services:
- dusting and washing all surfaces, floors, walls, windows, appliances and more;
- remove construction debris;
- heavy dust removal;
- inside and outside windows cleaning, including window frames;
- glass washing;
- removing stickers on windows;
- polishing different kind of floors, vinyl, granite, carpet, including heavy traffic carpet areas;
- stain removal, dusting and vacuuming all surfaces;
- cleaning ceiling pipes, light switches or air conditioning vent;
- removing stains from different textiles, leather armchair cleaning or sofa cleaning.

Best Chicago Cleaning Services gives extra care to details, because we know that the details are the ones that count the most when it comes to cleaning. Every project that we choose is unique and each of the construction cleaning job is different. This is why our team is very well trained and knows how to handle a wide variety of surfaces, floors, walls or ceiling. Working with specific professional cleaning materials and equipments, our cleaning services are exceptional, closely related to our clients needs. Contact us and we will send you the best construction cleaning team, so that you office building, your restaurant or your home to look clean and shine. All you have t do is to move in, because Best Chicago Cleaning Company will take care of the rest.